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Miami Food Critic, Grace Della

One of South Florida’s most beloved and respected Food Experts, Grace Della brings a wealth of knowledge and unwavering passion to the culinary world while continuing to wow followers. Grace Della wears a lot of hats; some of those include Food Critic, Food Expert, Restaurant Critic, Culinary Judge, TV Host, and Founder of Miami Culinary Tours. She is passionate about sharing her culinary knowledge and expertise with the world one bite at a time.

A native of Argentina, Grace is a food expert that has called Miami home after living in San Francisco, CA for 10 years. Grace’s passion for the culinary world developed as a young child while cooking with her mother in her rustic kitchen. Her best memories of childhood were watching her mother cook while socializing with friends and family sharing stories and food. Her fascination for food has turned into a passion and full time career. She is a self-taught culinary expert specializing in Latin Cuisine. She uses her formidable palate in conjunction with her incisive writing and online marketing skills to help readers choose where to find their next best meal when they visit South Florida.

Being a transit from South America, Grace has a passion for International cuisine and has become an expert in Latin American cuisines with an infatuation for the Cuban culture. Latin Americans dominate the Miami area so it was easy for Grace to fall in love and become an expert in their food. She frequently dines throughout South Florida in search of good eats. Grace scours local restaurants, bakeries, food festivals, street fairs, and food trucks to gather information on the best, freshest, and newest culinary trends and tastiest food to share with the world.

For the past ten years, Grace Della has been sharing her expertise in the culinary world with everyone who is interested. She is a frequent figure in many food judging competitions. Grace has judged events such as the Coconut Grove Tasting and the Coral Gables Tasting. She appeared on many the Miami news interviewed as a food expert and has been filmed for the Food Network, Travel Channel and others. Grace and her team at Miami Culinary Tours also  share their expertise in the form of a food tour in South Beach and Little Havana.

In 2010 Grace started her business, Miami Culinary Tours, after helping her mother establishing a successful cooking and culinary tour in Argentina. Her love of food turned into a passion to share her experiences with others. Her vision was to connect the local community as well as visitors to the area to restaurant gems in South Florida. Grace selected the melting pot of restaurant stops based on a lot of research and dining out. She wanted to give customers a chance to experience the various ethnic backgrounds of Miami through food. The tour guides are passionate and energetic about food and the history of Miami. You are taken on a three-hour journey of Miami learning about the culture and architecture of the city while mesmerizing your taste buds. Grace thinks outside of the box to educate and fascinate. Grace’s collection of various cultural restaurants on her food tour reflects her passion for travel and has earned her a following with respected critics and food novices a like. With the success Grace has experienced, it would not be unlikely to see her sharing food in your city.

Combining her knowledge of food with her passion to eat, Grace Della has grown into one of South Florida’s most respected Food Experts specifically in Latin American cuisine. She understands that people love food and takes the opportunity to tap into people’s passion for food. Her unique perspective and creative flair is displayed in her ability to use words to describe flavors and smells.